GANT Members and observers meeting on Market Integrity

On Wednesday 28th of August the GANT executive committee met with the GFSC to discuss, amongst other things, secondary markets issues and Market Integrity, topics which affect the majority of DLT firms.

The GFSC is considering adopting a 10th principle on market integrity but before doing so would like to engage with GANT to ensure that it is fit for purpose and addresses the needs of the industry. (i.e. protecting consumers and reputation of Gibraltar whilst enabling businesses to thrive in the local community). Furthermore the GFSC is keen to adapt and clarify the other existing principles and specifically how they can be developed to deal with secondary market issues. 

With this in mind, it is now the industries opportunity to collaborate as a members of the industry with the regulators via the association. We encourage all members to ensure that your needs are met.

GANT will meet on 18th September, 10am @ the GBX Boardroom

If you would like to participate please email or contact us here