GANT Launch Event

GANT had a launch event on the 29 Nov.  Opening remarks were delivered by Minister for Commerce the Hon. Albert Isola in which he welcomed all to the meeting and gave a brief introduction to HMGoG’s rationale for establishing the association.

The Meeting was then handed over to the Chairperson Designate, David Parody who outlined some of the timescales for getting the Association off the ground.  These are summarised as being;

  • 14th December – Final date for submissions of initial applications for membership
  • 14th December – Final date for nominations for Executive Committee members. In order to  ensure a good representation across all sectors, firms are requested to only nominate one person for Executive Committee.  Nominations should be accompanied by a photograph and a very short bio of the candidate.
  • 16th December – Ballot papers and bios will be distributed for voting of Executive Committee.  Each Body Corporate Applicant will get one ballot paper and will be able to vote for up to 8 candidates.  The ballot paper will indicate which role the candidate has indicated a preference for.
  • 21st December – Closing date for voting of Executive Committee
  • 1st or 2nd week in January.  EGM to be called, draft agenda;
    • Adoption of Constitution
    • Confirmation of Executive Members
    • Consideration of Applications for Membership
    •  Identification of Work Streams
    • AOB

The Chairperson thanked everyone for attending and the meeting then concluded.


Launch of Gibraltar Association for New Technologies Boosts Country’s Expanding Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain Focused Trade Association will act as a forum for policy makers, regulators, professional firms, and educators

Gibraltar – October 30, 2018HM Government of Gibraltar has today announced the formal launch of the Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT), a trade association that will aim to drive forward Gibraltar’s innovative approach to Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The association will establish formal lines of communication between policy makers and the private sector in Gibraltar’s fast developing blockchain industry as well as facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas, with a view to enhancing public trust in this sector.

The Minister for Commerce, the Hon. Albert Isola MP, commented, “The Gibraltar Association for New Technologies will represent the views of the ever evolving DLT landscape here in Gibraltar and will be a vital component in the continued growth of the sector. This forum will allow the blockchain community to become more closely aligned with the traditional financial services sector here and give confidence to the firms operating in Gibraltar that we are committed to working collaboratively on regulatory and other matters of interest.”

GANT will strive to promote high standards of professional conduct within the blockchain sector in Gibraltar as well as further the reputation of the jurisdiction’s finance industry on the international stage. They will work closely with HM Government of Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and the University of Gibraltar to ensure the development of a strong and sustainable industry, including the delivery of educational programmes that will help advance a core understanding of the underlying technologies supporting the sector.

Applications for membership of GANT will be welcomed from firms who have received or have applied for a DLT licence in Gibraltar, as well as ICO firms, auditors, lawyers, and consultancy firms servicing these industries, full details can be found in the constitution. The association intends to build on the strong working relationships that exist between the regulator, the Financial Services Commission, and the DLT Working Group that oversaw the development of the DLT Regulatory Framework, introduced in January of this year. Members will collaborate to keep each other apprised of future policy and regulatory matters.

The Association’s Chairman designate, David Parody, said, “These are exciting times for Gibraltar. A whole new industry is taking off now that the first DLT licences have been granted by the Financial Services Commission. As an association we want to ensure that we create an effective and collaborative forum for the discussion of key issues. It’s also incumbent on us that we provide efficient gateways to policy and decision makers so that practical and effective solutions are arrived at. Similarly, we want to build the knowledge base across the entire sector, from experts to blockchain beginners, which is why educational outreach will be a key objective for the association”.

An initial meeting of GANT will be held at Thursday 29th November 2018 at 10:00 at the office of Gibraltar Finance, Suite 761 Europort, Gibraltar, during which the submission of membership application forms and committee nomination forms will be discussed. The Association’s Constitution and membership application forms can be viewed or downloaded here. Details of initial the meeting will be published in due course via social media and website channels.

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Government of Gibraltar and University of Gibraltar Announce Creation of New Technologies in Education Key Advisory Group


Gibraltar – 18 October 2018 – The Government of Gibraltar today announced the launch of a new advisory group that will focus on the creation of new technology related education courses, such as blockchain. The New Technologies in Education (NTiE) group will be a joint initiative between the Government and the University of Gibraltar in collaboration with some of the leading new technology companies based in Gibraltar. The advisory group will aim to address the growing demand for related skills as the sector continues to expand in Gibraltar.

Minister with responsibility for the University of Gibraltar, The Hon Gilbert Licudi QC MP said, “Today’s announcement is a strong indication that we are on the right path towards delivering our objective of addressing the skills requirements that will be needed to fully realise the potential of new technologies. Providing access to innovative courses with expert input from those using this technology in the private sector is a vital component in the development of a sustainable DLT commercial community in Gibraltar.”

Ms Nadine Collado, Group Chair and Director of Professional Development & Short Courses at the University of Gibraltar said, “The University is committed to developing and enhancing expertise in technologies such as blockchain, distributor ledger technology, coding and smart contracts across the education sector. We are already scheduling a variety of offerings, to include a Professional Certificate of Competence within this area”.

The courses will equip individuals with knowledge of the workings and potential applications of blockchain technology. Significant input into course material will come from companies based in Gibraltar who are in the process of becoming regulated license holders of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). The courses offered are expected to commence later in 2018.  

The launch of the NTiE advisory group continues to build momentum for Gibraltar as a hub for new technologies, following the announcement in January 2018 that Gibraltar would be the first jurisdiction globally to introduce legislation around Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). In addition to Nadine Collado, the advisory group will include the following members: Professor Catherine Bachleda, Vice Chancellor (Ag), University of Gibraltar; Dr. Joey Britto, former Director of Education; Mr Christian Celecia, Director of Information Communications and Technology, University of Gibraltar, Dr. Darren Fa, Director of Academic Programmes and Research, University of Gibraltar; Mr David Parody, Chair of GANT; Ms Keri Scott, Senior Education Advisor; and Mr Paul Astengo, Senior Executive, Gibraltar Finance.

Minister for Education John Cortes MP, in full support of this initiative commented, “The Department of Education is very happy to be a partner in this initiative.  Improving the way we prepare our young people within the schools in digital technology in all its forms is a critical part of our plans for Education.”

Minister for Commerce, The Hon Albert Isola MP, commented, “New York University recently became the first university in the United States to offer students the chance to major in blockchain, so the evidence is strong that interest in the subject is growing. In fact, half of the top 50 universities worldwide provide courses in this technology and cryptocurrencies, but these are predominantly based in the United States. Only 27% of international universities offer any type of course and Gibraltar wants to help change that. We continuously punch above our weight when it comes to promoting new technology opportunities and so provision of higher education will be no different. For us to achieve our goal of a successful, long-term and sustainable business sector for Gibraltar, it is imperative that we educate all different levels. The creation of this advisory group is a key step in achieving this”