Members and observers meeting on Market Integrity

On Wednesday we saw members and observers of the association take part in collaborative meeting to discuss matters surrounding Market Integrity – an important topic which needs to provide protection to local businesses, the jurisdiction and our customers.

The GFSC is considering adopting a 10th principle on market integrity but before doing so they have engaged with GANT to ensure that it is fit for purpose and addresses the needs of the industry.  Work will now continue in a collaborative effort to provide the solutions and guidance needed for the proposed 10th principle.

We would like to send a big thanks to the members and observers of the association who took part in yesterday’s meeting . Working as a collective strengthens the local industry and will drive the innovation we would like to see. A special thanks as well to the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange for hosting us.

GANT Members and observers meeting on Market Integrity

On Wednesday 28th of August the GANT executive committee met with the GFSC to discuss, amongst other things, secondary markets issues and Market Integrity, topics which affect the majority of DLT firms.

The GFSC is considering adopting a 10th principle on market integrity but before doing so would like to engage with GANT to ensure that it is fit for purpose and addresses the needs of the industry. (i.e. protecting consumers and reputation of Gibraltar whilst enabling businesses to thrive in the local community). Furthermore the GFSC is keen to adapt and clarify the other existing principles and specifically how they can be developed to deal with secondary market issues. 

With this in mind, it is now the industries opportunity to collaborate as a members of the industry with the regulators via the association. We encourage all members to ensure that your needs are met.

GANT will meet on 18th September, 10am @ the GBX Boardroom

If you would like to participate please email or contact us here

1st EGM Held

The Association’s 1st EGM was held on Monday the 11th Feb 2019.  The constitution was formally adopted by the Memberships and the Executive Committee members ratified into their elected posts.

The following workstreams were highlighted as the first items that will be tackled by the committee and associated sub-committee.  The membership was encouraged to join the sub-committees.

  • Technical :
    • Auditing and accounting standards
    • Tax
    • Forthcoming ICO legislation
    • GDPR
    • FSC Interfacing and Annual Fees
  • Education :
    • Membership and Professional Development
    • Broader engagement with educators to deliver New Technologies in Gibraltar
  • Social Media :
    • Membership Survey
    • Establishment of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Web Pages

Members were informed that the bank account will shortly be established and annual fee invoices will be issued shortly thereafter.

Members were also informed that the Exec would be meeting with the FSC later in the week and were encourage to raise any issues through the on-line survey so that these could form part of the discussions.

An application to form part of the Gibraltar Finance Centre Council had also been submitted and would be considered formally once the Association was formally constituted.


EGM Called for 11 Feb @ 10:00

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Extraordinary General Meeting of GANT will be held at Gibraltar Finance, Suite 761, 6th Floor, Europort, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA on 11th February 2019 at 10:00am for the purpose of considering and, if thought fit, passing the following:


THAT the members ratify the adoption of the attached constitution;

THAT the members ratify the appointment of the individuals that polled the most votes at the candidate vote held in December 2018 to the Committee of GANT and that they assume the following roles:

Chairman                                           David Parody

Vice Chairman                                  Joey Garcia

Secretary                                           Javi Triay

Treasurer                                          Vikram Khatwani

Training                                             Ian Torrilla

Technical (Accounting & Tax Issues)       Desiree McHard

Technical (Legal & regulatory issues)      Anthony Provasoli

Marketing                                           Nick Cowan

Administrator                                     Thomas Johnson

THAT the membership considers and approves thework streams and initiatives for 2019.

THAT any other business be considered.

Dated 9th January 2019


  David Parody Chairman    
NOTE: Any Member entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and (on a poll), vote on his behalf; a proxy need not be a Member. The instrument appointing a proxy should be delivered to the Chairman not less than 24 hours before the time fixed for holding the Meeting or adjourned Meeting.