On Purpose has teamed up with GFSB to provide a Breakfast Club with the aim of highlighting those challenges and successes of business during Covid-19. On Purpose provides local companies with expert consultancy and training, inspiring teams to perform at their best and develop emotionally intelligent, high performance cultures. The Breakfast Club is being held on Thursday 10 December at 9am and we would like to ask you to complete our short survey in order to generate a meaningful and informed session on the topic. If you would like to attend please email to register.

All answers will be processed anonymously and will only be used to identify themes and trends as well as highlighting specific examples. All participants will receive a copy of the findings.

Please complete and submit the online form before 2 December so we are able to process the data in time for the Breakfast Club.

To access the survey:

  • click on the link below and the questionnaire will open in a new tab
  • complete the form
  • click submit and you will receive an acknowledgement message

Surviving & Thriving in a Global Pandemic  

Thank you for making the time to complete this and we hope to see you at the Breakfast Club

If you have any problem with the form, please get in touch with Helen Miles at

Kind regards,

Bua and Angela

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