Application for membership

Membership classes

Membership of the Association shall consist of the following three classes of membership:

  1. individual membership;
  2. body corporate membership; and
  3. observer membership,

Member” shall mean any of the above.

Note: A Body Corporate Member includes a partnership with or without separate legal personality.

Individual Membership

Individual Membership in the Association shall be open to any person of at least eighteen years of age and who is undertaking any trade, business or profession in the New Technology Industry in or from within Gibraltar. Where such trade, business or profession is through or connected with a Body Corporate Member.

Body Corporate Membership

Body Corporate Membership in the Association shall be open to the following body corporates:

  • a holder of a licence granted under the Financial Services (Investment and Fiduciary Services) Act to carry on a controlled activity of selling goods (including tokens) and/or providing services in the New Technology Industry or otherwise legally entitled to do so under that Act; and
  • a Gibraltar based provider of professional, advisory or consultancy services to or otherwise involved in the New Technology Industry.

Observer Membership

Observer Membership in the Association shall be open to body corporates that are in the process of applying for a licence to be issued by the GFSC which directly relates to New Technology. Observer Membership shall be for a period of one year until such time as such licence is granted, whereupon they shall automatically become Body Corporate Members. Any extension of this one year period requires the agreement of the Committee.

Applications for Membership

Applications for Membership must be made to the Secretary of the Association and will be considered, approved or rejected by the Committee (in its absolute discretion) whose decision shall be final.


To download a copy of the draft constitution :

Gant Constitution Final Feb 2019

To download a copy of the Membership Application Forms ;

GANT Application Forms


Completed application forms and nomination forms should be submitted either [1] electronically to or [2] By Post to GANT, PO Box 626, Gibraltar.